Our Services


Design & Detailing

Our designs are done from Engineering & Architect drawings and specifications by a highly experienced Design/Detailer using the internationally acclaimed FRAMECAD® software

Light Steel Frame

Light gauge steel roll-formed and precision machine cut in our factory to produce a quick, but very strong and durable building system that is extremely energy efficient and far outperforms conventional brick and mortar buildings.

Wrap or Pre-Assembly

We offer the choice of either wrapping the LSF sections together per panel, truss or joist with clear assembly drawings or the service of pre-assembly, where you will receive your wall, truss or joist fully assembled.

RDP Roofing

Optimized & cost efficient Trusses for the RDP House market.

Strap Bracing

We also supply Strap Bracing / Hoop Iron and Tensioners as well as other extra’s needed for projects

20m m & 40mm Top Hats

LSF Co also stock 20mm Top Hat battens for ceilings and 40mm Top Hat Purlines for roofs.