What We Do


Design & Detailing

Our designs are done from Engineering & Architect drawings and specifications by a highly experienced Design/Detailer using the internationally acclaimed FRAMECADĀ® software

Light Steel Frame

Light gauge steel roll-formed and precision machine cut in our factory to produce a quick, but very strong and durable building system that is extremely energy efficient and far outperforms conventional brick and mortar buildings.

Wrap or Pre-Assembly

We offer the choice of either wrapping the LSF sections together per panel, truss or joist with clear assembly drawings or the service of pre-assembly, where you will receive your wall, truss or joist fully assembled.

RDP Roofing

Optimized & cost efficient Trusses for the RDP House market.

Strap Bracing

We also supply Strap Bracing / Hoop Iron and Tensioners as well as other extra’s needed for projects

20mm & 40mm Top Hats

LSF Co also stock 20mm Top Hat battens for ceilings and 40mm Top Hat Purlines for roofs.

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LSF Design

FrameCAD Design is done from the Architect & Engineering drawings

LSF 3D Presentation

We render 3D of the LSF. This allows the Client & Engineer to see the full project and detail of every LSF section used. This help to avoid any surprises on site

The Building Site

The client receives his LSF either wrapped or pre-assembled, all clearly marked with full sets of drawings and the building process starts

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